$1K Found in Lost Wallet

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Photo courtesy of deseretnews.com

Photo courtesy of deseretnews.com

Nashlah Bayayan, a Utah woman, was faced with a big decision when she found a wallet
containing $1,000 at a Phillips gas station in Brigham City on Aug. 20 according to ksl.com.
“I went to the bathroom and noticed a wallet sitting there. I grabbed it, naturally looked
inside, and saw $1,000 in $100 bills just sitting there tucked away,” said Bayayan. As most
people would be, Bayayan confesses that she was tempted to take the money.
Bayayan decided against pocketing the money and instead resolved to find the owner of the
wallet and the money. She used both Facebook and Google in her search, which brought
her to a family blog, connecting her with Jessie Wengert, the owner of the wallet.
Wengert had recently come home from an LDS mission serving in Birmingham, England,
and her parents had given her $1,000 to help her financially until she was employed. On
August 20, she was headed to Utah State University when she stopped at the Phillips gas
She discovered that her wallet was missing only when she drove to the Wells Fargo located
in Logan. “I remember going to the bathroom and leaving and not really thinking about it,”
explained Wengert.
When she realized her wallet was missing, Wengert called her parents to let her know she
lost it. Wengert said her parents were supportive, but she still felt terrible about it. She
comments, “I don’t even know if I’m going to be able to go to school this semester, like I
might have to move back home again.”
Within 40 minutes, Wengert received a phone call from her sister. “This lady named Nash
just messaged me and says she has your wallet, and I’m like what’s her number? Let me
call her,” Wengert said.
Later, Bayayan met Wengert at a bakery in Murray and gave her wallet back with every
dollar still in it. Wengert said, “It was a really humbling experience, just reminded me that
there are good people in the world.”

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