2020-2021: Year In Review

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A look back through the 2020-2021 school year.
The school year started in August of 2020, during a global pandemic that had shut down Snow College in the middle of March. Guidelines were in place as were precautionary measures to keep the students and staff at Snow College safe. Students went back to in-person classes, wearing the new face gear called masks. Social distancing was enforced and large gatherings were limited.
That didn’t stop students at Snow College from enjoying themselves. Little activities scattered around campus provided some fun for the students, whether it was muffins, chalk drawing, Bob Ross nights, choir concerts, or theater performances.
Covid Testing was available to students following Governor Herbert’s declaration that all college students participating in at last one in-person class were to be tested.
Winter Break came and went leading into the beginning of Spring Semester for 2021. A new president for the United States of America was sworn into office. The college celebrated Mardis Gras, and vaccines were made available to everyone 16 years and older.
Now, the end of the 2020-2021 school year is coming. New experiences were had, friendships were made, but that doesn’t mean the school year wasn’t difficult.
Bekah Sutcliffe, now a former student from Snow College stated, “I felt really isolated this year, even when I was taking in-person classes… I wish that the school actually thought of ways to help the clubs keep doing things, cuz those are really helpful for mental health…”
Ali Miner, another student at Snow College said, “I like my classmates. I think because the pandemic allows kids to join online, the only people in [the] class are the ones who want to be there.”
Now, the end of the school year approaches. To quote the school, “WE CAN MAKE IT TO MAY.”
Good job Badgers for making this year count!

Photo courtesy of The Connexion.

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