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 The LTI team does what they do best before one of their first performances Photo by Lauren Anderle

The LTI team does what they do best before one of their first performances
Photo by Lauren Anderle

One of Snow’s biggest student attractions is the “Let Them Improvise” (LTI) improvisation team. LTI is a student run comedy improv team. Shows are held periodically throughout the semester, usually on Fridays and each show only costs $1.

The team is comprised of ten members and the captains for this year are Gavin Rouska and Amy Heimbigner. Both Heimbigner and Rouska were on the team last year and each have multiple years of improv experience.

When asked about what she looks forward to seeing from the team this year, Heimbigner said “We have some incredible talent on the team. LTI has become a big deal at Snow College and I expect this year to raise the expectations beyond what people are used to as far as professionalism, ability and complete hilarity. We’ve added a permanent MC and a stellar pianist. It’s a privilege to work with everyone and very humbling. It’s a beautiful thing that everyone is so passionate and willing to grow.”

LTI had their first two shows of the year on September 11 and 12 and each show amassed over one hundred people. Extra seats were constantly being added as more and more people showed up.

Each improv show features members of the team playing improvisation games for the audiences’ entertainment. The structure of the games is planned, but all of the material within the games is thought up on the spot by each actor. All of the actors work together using their creativity and wit to make the audience laugh and become engaged with the performance.

Heimbigner’s co-captain, Gavin Rouska, is also looking forward to working with this team and said he is “excited for the bond that we as a team are forming. The stronger the bond gets, the better we will perform as a whole. We have such amazing talent on the team [and] this year is going to be great!”

The next LTI show will be held on Friday October 9 in the Black Box Theater in the Eccles Building at 9pm. Doors open at 8:30. Be sure to get there early for good seats!

LTI schedule for the remainder of Fall Semester:

October- 9 & 10

November- 6, 13, 14, 20, 21

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