5 Approaches to Health and Creativity

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During the worldwide-pandemic of COVID-19 (also known as the Coronovirus), most people have found themselves searching for ways to keep themselves healthy. Here is a list of the top five things anyone can do to make sure they are keeping themselves healthy and getting creative juices flowing.

First, keep up a daily routine. In the midst of panic, it can be easy to forget to maintain normalcy such as doing homework or attending class online. Another common normalcy that can stop is attending the gym. While most gyms, restaurants and other activity centers are closed, it can be easy to create fun while quarantined in the home. Creating fun activities, having self-workouts to do at home are some of the many ways to create fun, but also it may help to establish a daily routine or to get into a new one. It may even help start a routine.

Second, don’t think that you have to buy everything. While most stores are running low on food such as milk, meats, and canned goods it may also be smart to remember that you don’t need more clothes or nonessentials. With the pandemic sprouting panic throughout the world, many companies have closed for the time being which includes a lack of people making money. It may be smart to remember to also save money so that when the time comes, one can use it wisely. 

Third, remember to not consume all your food at once. Buying snacks and deserts may also not be the best option in order to maintain health. Instead of buying snack foods, one may take it as an opportunity to experiment with food such as vegetables and potatoes. One option may even include checking the food that is already in the home and finding recipes on the internet to use. Making and eating leftovers is another way to make sure food doesn’t go to waste as one is trying to maintain their health during the crisis.

Fourth, try to find a new hobby. The internet is full of many crafty ideas that don’t require a lot of skill or perhaps finding something a little bit more complex and tricky is suitable for others. Besides watching shows and movies on online networks, finding a new hobby can be a healthy way to stretch the brain and it may even use different parts of the brain that normally aren’t used either. Some new hobbies may include learning to decorate or rearrange dĂ©cor in a way that is pleasing or new to view. Another hobby that may be of interest can include painting in many ways such as painting walls or even blocks found at the store. Getting a new book to read may be of interest or finding other ways to be creative on social media using Pinterest and other media apps. 

Fifth, remember that there is the internet. The internet may not be the most healthy to some, but using the internet is a way to help connect those who are far away. Even calling someone on the phone is a great way to maintain social habits while some states are on a lockdown quarantine. Calling is one of many ways that can be used to reach out to friends, family and co-workers. Other ways include the Apple product, FaceTime, or even the Google product, Duo to connect virtually. 

From creative approaches to quarantine to maintaining a daily routine, the worldwide-pandemic can be treated as an opportunity to discover new talents rather than a way to panic like others.

Sara Schoenfeld is attending Snow College for the first time as a Communications major. She grew up in Fort Worth, Texas and found herself in Centerville, Utah her sophomore year in high school. At age 12, a fictional book touched her heart, causing a wishful spark to stir which led her to start writing her own inspirational stories. She continues to aspire towards achieving her goals by inspiring others through her writing.

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