Resident Assistant Positions Available

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residental assistant imageCountless college students strive to obtain student leadership positions. These positions give college and job applications a boost as well as allow the holders of these positions to gain valuable learning experience.

Holding a position of leadership among peers is a way to meet new people that might not have been encountered in another scenario and it helps form friendships that have the potential to last a lifetime.

Snow College provides many opportunities for students to take on leadership roles. One of these positions is that of a Resident Assistant, and it has become available for the 2014-2015 year.

Scott Mathie, the Residence Life Coordinator, said, “The Resident Assistant (RA) position is one of the most influential student leadership positions you can have. Your task as an RA is to help students enjoy their college experience to the max! By being an example to hundreds of students, you will help them grow socially, academically and develop successful skills for the rest of their lives!”

If you are interested in this opportunity, pick up an application in the Office of Residence Life today! There will be interest meetings on Wednesday, November 6 and Thursday, November 7 at 5:30 P.M. in the GSC for everyone who wants more information.

Taylor Pike grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina. In 2010, her dad got a job at Boise State University so her family moved west. She is 18 years old and a freshman here at Snow College. Her major is psychology. Her family consists of her parents, her and 2 younger brothers. Both of her parents attended Snow College. Taylor was the editor of her high school newspaper, loves photography, and enjoys telling stories therefore, she joined the newspaper club at Snow College. Most of her free time is spent listening to music or watching Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings marathons.

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