65 Ton Beast Discovered

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Photo courtesy of bbc.com

Photo courtesy of bbc.com

Its name is Dreadnoughtus Schrani, and it literally means “Fear Nothing”. It was 85 feet long,
and weighed 65 tons, as much as 12 elephants or seven T Rex. The paleontologists on the project
believe it to be 77 million years old.
It is said to have been the biggest animal to ever walk on earth. It is related to a dinosaur
commonly found in that area, the Titanosaurus, which grows to be about 40 feet long and weighs
13 tons.
Dinosaurs of this size would be foreign to this area. Even though there are plenty of dinosaur
remains found in the Utah area, the largest dinosaur ever found around Utah was 38 feet long,
and weighed seven tons. The T Rex is the most popular dinosaur found in Utah, according to
Lindsay Zanno, a paleontologist and researcher for North Carolina State University.
While excavating the remains of the Dreadnoughtus, Paleontologists found over 60 percent of
the bones to the animal. This may not seem like a lot, but typically only 25 percent of dinosaur
bones are found. Kenneth Lacovara believes this is plenty of evidence that this dinosaur was a
The Dreadnoughtus Schrani was a vegetarian, and with a weight so large it is easy to assume that
all this animal did all day was look for food. A few plants didn’t fill it up, it was literally eating
trees daily.
This is just the beginning of the discovery of this dinosaur. Paleontologists from Drexel
University in Philadelphia are continuing the search for more information. To find out more about the Dreadnoughtus Schrani dinosaur, visit www.cnn.com in the world
news section or uk.reuters.com in the world news section.

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