A Growing Problem: Vaping at Snow College

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The world has seen millions of people switch from cigarettes to electronic smoking, also known as vaping. Cigarette smoking has been around for a long time, but now vaping is the new cool. It went from something small and risky to the new addiction from kids to adults. An article from People.com wrote about a 19 year old teenager who “had the lungs of a 70 year old heavy time smoker” from vaping. It went on to say that “Vaping is not any better than smoking tobacco and that it has the same effect on the lungs.” 

Camden Tomlinson, a student at Snow College said, “I know that most kids that are my age vape. They have vaped since sophomore year in high school. I don’t get the appeal because it smells awful and when I’m around them, it gives me a headache.” Kyle Hanke, a student included, “I occasionally vape when I am stressed out, especially when someone steals my donuts.” ScienceNewsForStudents.com wrote a piece about how in the last 5 years alone, more people are switching to vaping. They also stated that people who smoke cigarettes are trying to wean off by using vapes. “It’s become an epidemic honestly, it’s so prevalent now and way too accessible,” said Chase Birchell. Birchell went on to say, “I have family members that do it and it just takes away from the fun when you’re trying to enjoy activities. They rely on it way too much and are always taking smoke breaks.” 

Students from all around Snow said very similar things when briefly asked. Dr. Tatton, a professor at Snow talked about all the dangers of vaping. He said, “I’ve seen it time and time again, all these teenagers coming in because they have shortened breaths and have truly become addicted.” Vaping clearly is not the answer but neither is smoking. It was said that kids who start when they’re younger struggle with quitting. 

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