A Guide to Finals Week

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Stressed about finals? Try not to pull your hair out. They'll be over before you know it. Photo by Chelsey Poole

Stressed about finals? Try not to pull your hair out. They’ll be over before you know it. Photo by Chelsey Poole

It’s that time of the semester, the time students have been dreading and stressing out for. Yes, it’s finals week. With all of the stuff going on, how are Snow College students supposed to squeeze everything in and be successful? For those stressing out about finals week, here are a few tips to remember when preparing for it.

1) Don’t Stress – By stressing out for final assignments and tests, chances are students will do worse than if they were just confident and knew that they tried their best. Plan things out and prioritize so that everything gets done.

2) Get Some Sleep – By getting a good night’s rest, students will be refreshed and successful the next day.

3) Study – But don’t overthink it. Students do need to study for finals, but sitting and staring at the same book or computer screen for hours is not going to help. Do something effective that will really help learn the material.

4) Eat a Good Meal – With all of the studying it sometimes becomes hard to take care properly. By eating a healthy and nutritious meal, students’ brains will be full and focused, which is good for them and their grades.

5) Ask Professors for Help – If students are stressing about a class and don’t feel confident or feel confused, they shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help. Professors will see that they are trying and will be willing to help them work through confusion and help them to prepare.

Though finals week will always be stressful, there are things students can do to prepare themselves and make it a positive experience. Don’t get caught up in the stress, go out and ace finals. After all, it is what students have been preparing for all along.

Seirra Steele is 19 and a sophomore at Snow College. She is from Genola, UT and went to Payson High School. She wrote for her High School newspaper her senior year. She likes to write Sports and Opinion articles for The Snowdrift. During her free time she likes to rodeo and watch wrestling.

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