Let Them Improvise!

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Photo courtesy of Ashley Murdock

Photo courtesy of Ashley Murdock

One of the many unique things about Snow College is there is an improvisation team called Let Them Improvise (LTI). Over the course of a semester, they give five performances. Of the two performances thus far, both had more than a full house, with people sitting on the floors and standing in the back when the seats were gone.

An LTI show runs in a fashion similar to the popular television show “Whose Line is it Anyway?” There is not a script, since improvisation is an acting method which requires no rehearsal. This means that all of the actors must be on their toes and ready for anything that could happen next. During the course of each performance, the LTI team, led by their captain Brigham Blackham, plays a series of improvisation games. These range from “Snapshot,” where the whole team moves around until the leader directs them to freeze and then proceeds to make a story with the poses everyone ended up in, to “First Date,” where they choose a married couple from the audience and attempt to recreate their first date as accurately as possible. For every improvisation game played, there is a spray bottle filled with water on hand in case one of the players makes a bad pun or a questionable joke. Each improvisation game is different from, the others, which provides for a varied and entertaining night. Both LTI performances to date have been filled with roaring laughter.

The LTI team has three more performances scheduled for this semester: October 25, November 1, and November 22. Each performance begins at 9 P.M. and is located in the black box of the Eccles Center, and it is only $1 for entry. If you want to have lots of laughs with your fellow Snow College students, an LTI performance is the place to be.

Taylor Pike grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina. In 2010, her dad got a job at Boise State University so her family moved west. She is 18 years old and a freshman here at Snow College. Her major is psychology. Her family consists of her parents, her and 2 younger brothers. Both of her parents attended Snow College. Taylor was the editor of her high school newspaper, loves photography, and enjoys telling stories therefore, she joined the newspaper club at Snow College. Most of her free time is spent listening to music or watching Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings marathons.

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