A Performance to Remember

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Choir students line up during their performance to share the message of understanding and unity. Photo by Autumn Rose.

Snow College and The Horne School of Music presented a musical performance called Sex (i.e. Gender- It’s Complicated). Directed by Dr. Michael Huff. The songs were untraditional and very gender identifying and complicated. The songs gave the message that gender shouldn’t define humans. Thomas Yardley, a Snow College student shared “ The theme was one of those topics that some people don’t want to talk about and I was glad that they talked about it.” Talking about the harder things makes them less hard. 

The songs that were performed in sections of themes. Being Boys, Being Girls, Being Objectified, Being Idealized, Being “Othered”, Being Together, and lastly Epilogue. These go with the main theme of the night “Sex”. Out of all the songs, June Korth, a Snow College student committed “I’ll Make A Man Out of You was my favorite. I love how energetic the men were.” Yardley disagreed saying “I Want You Back/ ABC was my favorite, everyone was singing that one.” 

There were 20 songs that were sung and the message couldn’t have been more clear. Yardley stated “Being able to be more understanding and recognizing more what some people from the LGBTQ+ community may have to deal with. This message shed a new light on things that I might not have thought about before.” 

The performance was quite intriguing, can’t wait to see the next one. 

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