A Semester on Campus

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Kolya Vanshcenko plays the guitar for open mic night. Photo by Jacob Clawson

Living on campus gives you an opportunity to be in the center of all the college experiences. It’s the perfect place to find yourself in a safe environment away from home, that will definitely ensure you smoothly transition from high-school to college. The on-campus college experience not only includes a sense of community but also allows personal growth.

Residence Life hosts a series of activities throughout the school year, which are not only accessible to the residents but to Snow College students as well. These events are great opportunities to meet new people, make friends and learn about different cultures. According to several college alumni, college memories have the ability to last a lifetime. Some of the activities that Resident Life is in charge of are Block Parties, which are usually celebrated behind the Suits at Academy Square. It includes free food, snacks, games and live music. This is even a great opportunity to hang out with new roommates and get to know people who will be sharing the same apartment.

Another fun activity hosted by Residence Life is Open Mic Night, which usually happens around Homecoming Week. This is an opportunity for all residents to show their true talent on the microphone. Students go from singing to doing stand-up comedy. It’s an amazing chance to acquire campus fame! In the same way, one of the most fun and awaited activities is Scare on The Square. Every year, on Halloween, Residence Life Staff comes together to create a haunted house in the Suites basement. This event is free to the public, but if you are a resident, on-campus, you get the perk of only paying two dollars for admittance.

One of the things students love about the on-campus experience is the opportunity to attend different events, such as the ones mentioned above. These major events are not the only ones happening on residence halls. Every month of the semester, one of the Resident Assistants in each hall, is in charge of hosting a program for all the residents. Some of the programs might include karaoke nights, game nights, cookie decorating, lectures on interesting topics and free food. These programs increase the sense of community of the hall, allows residents to get to know one another and possibly help build that home away from home experience.

The mission statement of Residence Life is to provide a secure and safe environment to promote personal growth. This is achieved by developing responsibility, giving opportunities to make friends and meet people from different countries, therefore promoting diversity. The purpose of on-campus living experience is for students not only to have fun while being at college but also enhancing all those skills that will make them become the leaders of tomorrow.

Andrea Bustillo is an international student from Honduras. This is her second year at Snow College, pursuing a Broadcasting Communication Degree. She’s aspiring to achieve a Media Production major in Film, television and writing where she can inspire people through her work. Her philosophy is that if you can dream it and work hard for it, you can do it.

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