A Shadow in the Night

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At 5 a.m. on September 13th, an intruder broke into Snow Lodge Apartment 5 while the tenants were sleeping, leaving few traces behind that they were there. 

Snowlodge resident Hannah King expressing how she would feel if a robber came into her apartment. Photo by Kilee Christensen

Gracie Trillo and Alison Olsen, residents of Apartment 5, awoke that morning to find that something was not right. Gracie said, “I always leave my backpack at the foot of my bed, but when I woke up late for class, I couldn’t find it anywhere. I looked all over and under everything. Then I opened my room door to go to class, and I saw it sitting in the living room with all of the pockets completely opened.” Alison also had a similar experience. She said, “My backpack was sitting by the table. I noticed that a pocket I had not been in at all the previous day was open. Then, in a different pocket, I found my roommate Terin’s wallet. That’s when I realized there had been someone in our apartment.” Alison later said, “I felt violated because someone went through my stuff without me knowing about it.” 

Despite these two instances, all the laptops, phones, wallets, and car keys were accounted for. The intruder didn’t take any of that. Those living in the apartment decided nothing was missing but the $40 cash from the roommate’s wallet found in Alison’s backpack.   

The residents reported to the police what they saw and what was stolen. Police have not yet found who is responsible for the break-in, but encourage students to keep their doors locked and their eyes open for any suspicious activity. As it gets closer to Fall Break, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Break, break-ins become more frequent, so students are advised to take extra precautions to ensure their own safety and that of their property.

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Terin Crane

Terin Crane is a first year Snow College student. She will be graduating in the Spring of 2018 and then transferring to Weber State University. Terin’s love of literature has caused her to pursue a degree in English. As a senior at Gunnison Valley High School, Terin was awarded Top English Student by all of the English teachers. In her spare time, Terin loves to read, take pictures, and watch movies.

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