A Tri in the Snow

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Tri Robinson had the chance to visit Snow College on April 2 as the guest speaker for the campus’ Convocations class.  He spoke some about religion and a greater power, as one might expect from a pastor.

Tri Robinson isn’t a typical pastor, he’s also an ecologist, and has written several books on the subject, and founded his own ministry called “The Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Boise,” and emphasizes that man must do good, not just to fellow man, but also to the earth as a whole.

Robinson and his wife founded the Fellowship of Boise back in 1989, where they served as the lead pastors for over a decade.  In 2005, Tri began passing the role to a younger couple in the area, and now serves under that younger couple, continuing the movement through ministry, as well as writing.

The movement has over 3,000 followers, and is gaining continuing support among ecologists, who share similar concerns with Robinson.  Robinson is also a regular writer for the Huffington Post, and has written multiple books about his thoughts on ecology, such as Saving God’s Green Earth and Rooted in Good Soil. 

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