Adopted Nostalgia

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Emily Brown, a Snow College art student, created a masterpiece titled Adopted Nostalgia which is centered around her family.

To create this exhibit, Brown read family accounts, and called people who knew these ancestors when they were alive so she could accurately render a human life.

The images are mixed with objects to transform the gallery into a grandmother’s sitting room to further connect with the audience.  

One image is a drawing of an ear and a pencil and other object inside it. Brown said her grandma had a thing for cleaning out children’s ears with random objects, which was her inspiration for this specific piece.

Brown also said that this message is what felt urgent to her because these are experiences that people don’t have all the details of so we need to document what we have to make sure they didn’t get lost.

Brown said, “This exhibition is my attempt to let the skeletons of my family interactions past see the light of day as well as new eyes again.”

The art exhibit will be in the Annex, in the Eccles building, until April 12 at 5 pm. All who are interested are invited to come see the exhibit.

Kellie Harrison is from Yakima, Washington and is currently a freshmen at Snow College where she is majoring in English. After her two years at Snow College, she plans to transfer to Central Washington University. At Central, she wants to receive her master's degree in English and minor in photography and/or music. Kellie's career goal is to eventually work for National Geographic and travel the world taking pictures and writing articles. She has a love for photography, music, and writing.

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