Ambassador Whitney Weaver

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Snow College has 35 ambassadors; one of them is Whitney Weaver. Whitney is a freshman here at Snow. She graduated from Weber High School; she has a love for those with special needs and wants to peruse a career in special education. She loves Snow College and being an ambassador.

Snow College was not always on Whitney’s radar. She always planned on attending either Utah State or BYU Idaho.  However, after college day at her high school, something felt right about Snow. After attending a Snowblast, she fell in love with Snow College and decided to try out to become an ambassador.

“I wanted to be able to show and tell people about Snow. The ambassadors were the ones who helped me decide to go to Snow,”  Whitney said about why she wanted to be an ambassador.

Whitney loves being an ambassador because of all the things it offers, “It’s a great way to get involved and to meet new people.” Her favorite thing about being an ambassador is hosting Snowblasts. She loved Snowblast when she attended and wants others to enjoy it as well.

As an ambassador Whitney is in charge of planning and running Snowblasts, helping the SBA’s with school events, giving tours, and making high school visits. She does volunteer work, like repainting the S at the intersection on Main Street.  The ambassadors can be found at the Welcome Center in the Greenwood Student Center.

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