April Fool’s 101: Get Pranked

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Miracle Whip stuffed in donut for April Fools for joke. Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

Apr. 1 or more commonly known as April Fools Day in America. It is known for people playing pranks on April Fools which is not only accepted but encouraged. There are those who love April Fools and those who wish it could be deleted as a holiday. From a young age even teachers prank their elementary students by telling them a crazy fact or making up a difficult assignment.

There are about two possible origins for April Fools Day. According to History.com the first story says when the calendar was changed back in 1582 and Jan. 1 became the beginning of the new year, the people who kept celebrating on April Fools 1 were known as “April fools.”

The second story says that April Fools is tied to the first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. The story goes that Mother Nature fooled everyone by changing the weather to be unpredictable.

Now the holiday has evolved into what we know today. Social media has changed the game when it comes to fooling people. False pregnancies, proposals and even trips are posted on Instagram or Snapchat. Even the Snowdrift plays pranks on students with funny articles. 

With April Fools day around the corner remember these essential rules: no visits to the hospitals, read your audience, and have fun. 

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