Are You THAT Roommate?

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Natalie Atkinson prepares herself for the year with her roommate Marina Tibbs. Photo by: Kasie Bussard

Natalie Atkinson prepares herself for the year with
her roommate Marina Tibbs. Photo by: Kasie Bussard

Roommates, what can we say about them that hasn’t already been said?  Sometimes we love them and sometimes they drive us crazy.

When asked how he would describe himself as a roommate, David Montrose responded with, “I’m really optimistic in an extremely loud and obnoxious way.  I probably drive my roommates crazy.”  One of his old roommates chimed in with, “It’s true. He plays his music until three in the morning!”

What kind of roommate are you? Maybe you identify with “The Parental Figure,” like Liz Young does. “I am totally “The Parental Figure.”  Everyone in my apartment is, like, 17!”

So what are the other kinds of roommates? Perhaps you’ve heard of “The Passive-Aggressive Note Writer.” You’ve seen the sticky notes and you’ve read the texts, but heaven forbid this roommate actually confronts you about a problem!

Or maybe your roommate is “The Slob.” You can hope this roommate has the private room and can keep their mess to themselves. If not, we extend our condolences! On the other side of that spectrum, we have “The Obsessive Cleaner.” Unless you’re “The Slob,” relationships with this roommate usually work out, especially when they tend to do more than their share of cleaning.

Some of the best roommates are the ones that are never actually home, like “The Party Animal.” It’s one a.m. on a school night, and this roommate is nowhere to be found. How do they find all these parties, anyway? Then there is “The Ghost.” We saw this roommate for about two minutes last week so we’re pretty sure they live here, but where have they been hiding? Reporting them as missing to an RA would probably be best, but having that single room has been really nice too.

We all know “The Borrower” too well. Conversations with this roommate are usually limited to, “Hey, can I borrow your (insert necessity here)?” To which you respond with a reluctant, “Sure, whatever.” You’ll probably have finished paying off your student loans before this roommate starts returning what they’ve borrowed.

How about “The Over-Achiever?” They can often be heard heaving a sigh of regret over taking 18 credits this semester. Colton Jackson said, “If you’re going to end up rooming with “The Over-Achiever,” I highly recommend you invest in a sleep mask because they will be up studying until three in the morning.”

Whether you live with “The Best Friend,” or “The Strong Personality,” or you identify with “The Hoarder” or “The Hermit,” one thing is for certain; We all have to live together whether we like it or not!

Regardless of who you live with, try and make the best of it and be courteous of those around you. It’s up to us whether or not we enjoy this semester, so let’s make it a good one!

Mikaella Dineley is a freshman at Snow College, but as a graduate of Manti High School, she is no stranger to the small town lifestyle. That doesn’t keep her from dreaming big! Mikaella has a flair for the dramatic arts, and fully intends to put her name in shining lights.

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