Athlete Spotlight: Tarell and Makell Haley

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Tarell and Mykell Haley. Photo by Matt Harris

Tarell and Mykell Haley. Photo by Matt Harris

Students at Snow College may quickly recognize Tarell and Makell Haley. These brothers are freshmen at Snow, redshirting for the Badger Football team. They are identical twins who are rarely seen apart on campus.

Tarell and Makell are from Texarkana, near Dallas, TX. They began playing football at the age of five in youth leagues. Both brothers went to Hillcrest High School in Dallas, playing football and running track. They played a variety of positions on their football team. At one point, Makell’s coach switched him to play as a free safety on defense because their head coach told them that they used to argue when the other would mess up.

Tarell and Makell both found Snow through the efforts of Snow College running backs coach Mike Rigell, who offered them both scholarships to play for the Badgers. Outside of football, they are both business majors.

Speaking of the team, they said, “It’s like a family. Some of us, when we got here, some of [the players] would just be cool, and others liked to laugh at us and things. It’s pretty good.” Speaking of Snow, they said, “When we first got here, we were like ‘we’re not gonna want to stay here’, but as time passed, everything started to happen. Everyone’s friendly, and it’s like a second home.”

Both agreed that if football determines where they go after Snow, they would like to attend the University of Arkansas or Southern Methodist University, an option close to home for them. When asked about their “theme songs”, Tarell responded with “Holy Grail” by Jay-Z. Makell’s is “Not Afraid” by Eminem. In their spare time they love playing Madden 15 and Grand Theft Auto V.

After serving an LDS mission in England for two years, Matthew Harris decided to join his brother when he came to Snow, starting in the Fall 2014 semester. Now a twenty-three year old sophomore, Matt works hard to succeed in all of his classes while trying to balance the responsibilities of being a Resident Assistant. Matt is an undeclared major, and is pursuing his general education and interests at this time.

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