Badger Ballers Play at Snow College

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Photo by Tyler Aldous

Photo by Tyler Aldous

The Badger Ballers dribble for a special cause.  This is the first annual Badger Ballers Special Needs Basketball game, hosted by the Snow College public relations class.

The public relations class was assigned to do a service project.  Sandra Cox let the students choose what the project would be.  Together as a class, the students decided to a special needs basketball game.

They chose this because it is something everyone can help with and enjoy.  It would also give the special needs kids in the area a chance to be a part of something.  The public relations class attempted to make the participants feel important.  They wanted it to be all about them.

The game consisted of participants of many ages from youth to adults.  The Snow College ladies basketball team was more than happy to help with the cause.  They helped the participants on the court as well as gave them a few pointers in a practice held before the game.

The community and the school was also a great help to this wonderful event.  With their help, the class was able to get t-shirts, goody bags, snacks and more to give to the participants.

What started out as a six- hour community service project turned into much more.  The students were pleased to put in the extra time and effort to make this event possible.  They hope that it will become an annual tradition for the public relations class, and that it will be something for members in the community to look forward to every year.


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