Badger Ballers for the Win

The Snowdrift Club, the Snow College Men’s Basketball & Womens Basketball teams, the Badgerettes’s, the Cheerleaders, and the Band combined efforts to have an exciting night of basketball for the special needs in Sanpete County. Photo by. Adam Allred

Snow College Athletics and the Snowdrift club teamed up with families from all over the Sanpete county area to host the 4th annual Badger Ballers Special Needs Game. 

Snow College’s men and women’s basketball teams joined together on Thursday October 26th with local special needs citizens to play an exhibition game. The event was organized by Snow College’s Snowdrift club. 

The game consisted of both youth and adult participants.  The Snow College mens and ladies basketball team were more than happy to help with the cause.  They helped the participants on the court as well as gave them encouragement off the court. 

Robert Johnson, a volunteer for the game said, “[Badger Ballers] was fantastic! There was a love for the game rather than winning. Everyone that played in the game left with a smile on their face. Never have I seen bigger smiles”.  

The event featured two games played between teams composed of Snow College basketball players alongside special needs citizens. Although scores were kept, it was the impact seen on the faces of those citizens that made the night.  

The community and the school were a great help to this wonderful event.  With their help, the club members were able to get goody bags and snacks to give to the participants. 

All during the event the crowd cheered and encouraged players on each team. Along with the cheer team, the drill team and a small pep band participated to help provide a fun and exciting environment for all the players. Freshman cheerleader Kamree Pay said, “I think Badger Ballers benefits the community by giving everyone, no matter their abilities, a chance to experience sports. What stood out to me most was the smile on each player’s face and being able to see them so happy.”  

There was hardly a minute of silence during the game. Spectators, participants, and volunteers roared with cheering after every time a basket was scored or a run was made. The excitement could be seen on both the crowd and the player’s faces. 

The Badger Ballers Exhibition game has become a huge success in a short time for Snow College and the Sanpete community, and many hope it will become an inspirational tradition for years to come. 


Badger Baller participant David Thayne dribbles the ball down the court alongside other Badger Baller participants. Photo by Adam Allred

Angel’s Game

By. Ember Schreiner
As the Angels run in triumphs name, ey know they’ll never be the same. But it’s not really them who change,
It’s the crowd who watches at a range. For the Angel’s game they play with heart, each player doing their separate part. And as the crowd watches each player play ey feel compelled to simply say “ e Angels have always been this way. But it’s truly us who’ve changed today.”

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