Badger Band Brings Music to Games

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Snow College pep band brings music to football and basketball games. For many, Badger Band and Badger Beat are an irreplaceable part of the Snow College experience.

At football games, Badger Band is comprised of over 100 Snow College students from all majors, who love music. They are most often seen in the stands playing to cheer on the team.

Since Fall semester of last year, the bands department has added Badger Beat to bring music to the basketball games. Badger Beat is comprised of 13 elite musicians that work in harmony to bring a college arena sound to the Horne Center.

Director of Bands Dave Fullmer spoke in an interview with student Cody Kimball about the passion of the students in the band program. “The students of the pep band are very dedicated and are the spirit of Snow, so they bring a lot to game day,” Fullmer says. “Game days are long days starting at 10 am and going until 4 or 5 pm. A lot of the students that are in Badger Band aren’t music majors; in fact, most are not. They just love to play. The Badger Band is a service and isn’t challenging music to play.”

Fullmer is very proud of the pep band and he really appreciates the members of the band for their time and effort and the faculty for their support.

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