Badger Basketball Gears Up

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There was excitement in Coach Rob Nielson’s face as he talked about his new team this year. There is no doubt that the expectations are high for this year. “Last year we had many returning players who understood what we were trying to do. This year this is basically a new group, so it will be interesting to see how they buy in and come together as a team. I think we have a better group of basketball players/meaning guys who understand the game. We will be more balanced and it will be hard to key in on any one player,” Coach Nielson said. With two international players and eight young men who just came back from their missionaries, there is no doubt that Rob Nielson’s team will be successful this season.

There are many players on the team that returned from their missions this year and are excited to start the year off. One particular player is Braden Koelliker who went to Knoxville, Tennessee for two years. “The hardest transition for me was basically balancing school, basketball, and my social life. I had to get back into the flow of things and get back on my daily schedule. Also it is way more difficult to get back into shape after two long years of not playing basketball,” Koelliker said.

Not only does the basketball team have returning missionaries but they also have two international players. One player on the team is Norbert Janicek, a 6’11 post player from Slovakia. Norbert had to deal with many different transitions since he is now playing with Americans and not people from his own country. “The biggest transition playing with Americans is basically their slang on the court. It is more difficult to understand what they are saying and what they mean. But I do enjoy hanging out with them and playing with them. I’m excited for the upcoming season,” Janicek said.

Many people are excited for the upcoming season. Snow is not only one of the top community colleges in the country in academics, but in their sports they are also known as a top school if you decide to go to a junior college. Stay tuned into the upcoming schedule of the basketball team this year.

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