Badger Create Memories Through Intramurals

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The season of intramurals continues with games of basketball and wolleyball as Snow offers many opportunities for students to meet and participate in sports. Creating teams and playing has created memorable experiences for Badgers all over campus. 

Rhiannon West and Preston Howe practice volleyball at the AC’s blue gym on Tuesdays and Thursday. Photo by Sarah Chipman

Intramurals keep memories alive that would have died when coming to college. Jacob Hable, on “Oh How the Turn Tables” team states, “It gives an opportunity to people who played sports in highschool to still continue to play even though they aren’t able to play for the college. It’s a good way to spend more time with friends you already know and to meet new friends.”  

Intramurals don’t just keep old memories alive, but also create new ones through the different people you meet or the games you play. Phillip Stewart, on “Can You Dig It?”  walleyball team says, “The social aspect of getting to know other people and getting to play a sport that everyone there is wanting to play is probably the best part.”  

As memories are made, players had a wide range of emotions in anticipation for the basketball  tournament that started up on Feburary 18. When asked about it, Kole Graper, on the “Covenant” team stated, “We have little hope for the tournament but we might be the Cinderella team.” On the other hand, Derick Gray on the “Oh How the Turn Tables” team has a little more confidence when saying, “I’m pumped for the tourney! I can’t wait to take the ‘W’ with my boys. I would encourage people to make more teams to keep the tourney competitive and fun.”

Whether you watch or play, the experience of intramurals can be fun. Hable included, “I’m the hype man, I sit on the bench and yell, but I’m super excited to watch our guys play and maybe contribute a little bit.” So, come and join hable and cheer on fellow badgers during the rest of their tournament. 

Danielle Pidcock is a student at Snow college working towards a degree in journalism. She chose journalism for her love of writing and how it can impact people. With her words she hopes to influence people for the better and one day help them live life to their best ability.

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