Badger Pride: Rain or Shine

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In celebration of homecoming, Snow College hosted a Tailgate Party before the homecoming game. The SBO president Brady Curtis said when asked about the best part of the Tailgate Party  “I think the best thing was the weather. We were really worried that the weather was going to be absolutely awful. It was cool to have the open space to have games and activities and other things going on to celebrate our homecoming game.”

The Tailgate had live music, games, food trucks, Snow College alumni, the SBO’s handing out cotton candy, and a little bit of rain. 

When asked what would’ve made the event even better Brady said “Honestly if we could’ve had hot chocolate the event would’ve been better, but that’s just me. The environment and the vibes that were given off were good. The band had some really great music which pulled the event all together.” This event brought people together and had something to celebrate about, the football game. 

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