Badger Volleyball Season Schedule Announced

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Spring season for junior college athletes has begun for schools around the country, and Snow College is no exception. Badger volleyball specifically has finally been able to announce its official schedule and begin game play during their pre-season. 

The team has competed in one tournament so far where they went undefeated and hope to do so again in a few more upcoming tournaments within the next two weeks. 

As they utilize these tournaments playing highly competitive schools to prepare for their regular season, the Snow College volleyball team has also climbed in rankings and now sit at the #2 ranked spot in the country, a school record for highest pre-season ranking among any Badger sports team.

Head coach, Jeffrey Reynolds, says about the season schedule: “Our schedule this season is one of the toughest in the country. We play 7 nationally ranked teams over 7 consecutive matches. We have our work cut out for us and it will be challenging, but if our goal is to be the best, we have to compete against the best.” 

To accomplish this goal, freshman Outside Hitter, Eden Whitmore explains: “The culture of our team is really unique. It’s what we rely on to create the difference between our team and our opponent when all other factors might match up pretty closely. That being said, our culture is in place to win championships. We have one big goal we’re shooting for and that’s to win the national championship at the end of season.”

With these big goals and their so-far undefeated pre-season record, the team looks to be in good shape as they finally begin their long awaited regular season.

Lydia Montague is an aspiring journalist- student looking to major in English with an emphasis in sports journalism. Having grown up playing sports and constantly writing, reporting and analyzing sporting events in newspaper form has become a passion which she hopes to continue with in the future.

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