Badgers Football Ruled the Field

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In the afternoon of October 26th, Snow College kicked off against Gila Rivers. Rivers started off, their offense successfully scoring the first touchdown and causing initial uneasiness. 

Tejhaun Palmer makes the high thrown catch for a touchdown against Gila River. Photo by Jacob Clason

However after their first score our defense toughened up, learning from their initial mistakes and preventing any further touchdowns. Head coach Andrew Mitchell, speaking about our defence said “They did a great job of shutting Rivers run game and making them one dimensional. Nate Latu was very disruptive. He had two sacks and did a nice job of defending the run.” 

Our defense did a fantastic job of making tackles, even making a number of sacks in order to push them back further. They dominated, allowing for our offense to make touchdowns and prevent Rivers from advancing very far.

Through their offense, they were able to score 7 touchdowns without Rivers scoring another one of their own. While their passing game was struggling at the beginning, by adjusting the strategy and focusing more on the running game they were able to make touchdowns.

Photo by Jacob Clawson

Mitchell, on behalf of the first half, said, “QB Garrison Beach was very productive in only one half of play. Made a lot of plays on the ground and through the air. The offensive line did a nice job winning the line of scrimmage and creating space for our running backs.”

To the excitement of all of Snow College, they managed to pull through and end the game with the winning score of 63-7. Mitchell felt “proud of the way the players competed and finished strong in front of their home crowd.”  Rivers didn’t make another touchdown for the rest of the game, and the players’ hard work paid off.

Jordyn Catherall is from Herriman Utah, but is currently attending Snow College. She’s an English major who hopes to make it to Brigham Young University to complete her Bachelor’s and move on to becoming an author. She was a Sterling Scholar in high school, and is in the presidency of two clubs; Book Club and H.E.R.O.E.S Club. She’s an ambitious sophomore who is excited to take on Snow College.

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