Badgers Win Homecoming

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With homecoming week arriving in Ephraim in the spring of this Covid school year, the Snow College football team looked to gain that coveted homecoming victory.
Entering Saturday April 19, the Badgers were ranked #4 in the nation at 3-0, coming off the heels of one of the program’s most memorable victories out in Scranton, Pennsylvania. They had just knocked off the #5-ranked Lackawanna Falcons, giving them their first loss at home since 2014. Now, they welcomed the Silver Storm of Miami to make the cross country trip in this battle of familiar foes. They have played each other in each of the last two seasons, with the combined score being 110-50 for Snow College and the result of two straight wins for the Badgers.
Snow football got off to a bit of a slow start on homecoming, with ASA Miami taking a 6-0 lead for most of the first half. They were able to score on a touchdown pass from quarterback Garrison Beach to tight end Vita Noa. This got the ball rolling for the Badgers, as they were able to pile on two rushing touchdowns from running back Seth Kaelin, and one more touchdown pass from Beach to wide receiver Miles Royal. This helped the Badgers finish off the Silver Storm as they came storming back themselves to the finish with a final score of 27-6. This also helped the Badgers have another great come from behind victory.
As of late, the Snow College defense has been a staple for this team. Since giving up 30 points in their first game, the defense has only allowed 31 total points in the last three games combined. This Snow football team has also shown resilience time and time again this season when facing adversity. When asked about why the team is so resilient, special teams ace Baylor Payan said, “I have been on plenty of teams that say we are ‘family’ or this is a ‘brotherhood.’ This team, the 2021 Badgers, is the first team I can say that is true. I am going to fight for my brothers because I know they have my back. To put it in simple terms, we are a Team. It’s not about me, it’s about us. That is why we are so resilient.”

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