Basketball Loses In Conference Action

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Guard Walter Wright.  Photo by Tyler Aldous

Guard Walter Wright. Photo by Tyler Aldous

The Men’s basketball team hosted the number two ranked CSI (College of Southern Idaho) Golden Eagles on Thursday Jan. 8. The Badgers lead for the vast majority of the game but ultimately lost, 74-70, in the closing minutes.

The game began in a three-point shootout, with the first six baskets coming from beyond the arc. This pushed the Badgers to a 12-6 lead early with plenty of momentum. Walter Wright had an exceptional first half as he lead all scorers with 17 points. Snow rallied behind Wright and entered the break with a 41-36 lead.

The second half remained close, with the biggest lead being 10 in favor of the Badgers. Snow remained on top until the Golden Eagles regained the lead with a couple minutes remaining. Snow mounted a comeback but fell short behind a missed shot to tie the game and a controversial call afterwards.

Sophomore Jacob Clayson, winner of the Rowdy Badger Award, expressed his opinion on the game, “It was a good high intensity game…the outcome sucked because we lost, but it’s hard when we can’t get calls from the refs.” This statement ultimately summed up the feelings of the Rowdy Crowd, as boos rained down on the refs after a call that many feel cost the Badgers a shot for overtime.

The game remained heated until the final buzzer sounded sealing a 74-70 victory for CSI. The Golden Eagles team exchanged words with the Rowdy Crowd multiple times before and during the game, and after the game ended multiple CSI players began to approach the Rowdy Crowd as both sides heckled one another.

Tempers were flaring at the close of the game and security had to separate the participants before any violence took place. Officer Bob Wright stepped between the fans and players and expressed his opposition to the events, “The (CSI) players took it to the Rowdy Crowd after verbal stuff was exchanged during the game. We noticed the activity and suspected it might happen, so we were on top of it.”

The Badgers bounced back from the disappointing night with three consecutive home wins as they beat North Idaho College 72-67 on Jan. 10, Utah State University Eastern 85-57 on Jan. 15, and Colorado Northwestern Community College 113-79 on Jan. 17.

The Badgers finish the five-game homestand on Jan. 4 as they host number four ranked Salt Lake Community College.


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