Battlefield Hardline

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Battlefield Hardline was released March 17, 2015 and the rati ngs are doing pretty well. The game consists of car chasing, violent action, and multipl ayer gameplay compiled in a stunning graphic video game.  Photo courtesy of Khurram Imtiaz.

Battlefield Hardline was released March 17, 2015 and the ratings are doing pretty well. The game consists of car chases, violent action, and multiplayer gameplay compiled in stunning graphics. Photo courtesy of Khurram Imtiaz.

Battlefield Hardline is finally out, and the question now is, is it worth buying? My answer to you is yes. Hardline introduces a new way of playing the campaign: rather than gunning down every foe in sight, hardline offers a stealthy approach that can allow you to clear levels without having to fire your weapon once. Lure enemies into isolation by tossing a bullet casing to attract attention, allowing you to dispatch them quietly or sneak past. Taking enemies alive rewards a greater amount of points as opposed to just killing them.
Most maps offer different ways of approaching enemies and positions. Hardline never forgets it’s a “Battlefield” game, offering missions with ridiculously high amounts of explosives and destruction. Car chases are a common appearance, and a delight to take part in. The writing in hardline is surprisingly humorous and well done, coupled with phenomenal voice acting and equally astounding graphics. Simply put, the story was good and I cared for (or hated) the characters I worked with and fought against.
Of course the campaign is not without its issues. Stealth gameplay awards weaponry better suited for going in loud. Some characters are a bit over the top and unbelievable. Some unrealistic gameplay mechanics come to fruition.
Every Battlefield fan knows that the campaign isn’t the strongest feature of the game, it’s in multiplayer where Battlefield truly shines, and Hardline is no exception. Characters trash talk one another as they ride into battle to a mixture of loud, blaring music. Nothing quite compares to running over a criminal in a police cruiser while blaring “Whoop, whoop! That’s the sound of da police,” over the radio.
Returning to the chaos of multiplayer are the game modes “Team Deathmatch” and “Conquest”.
New game modes unique to Hardline are “Heist”, “Blood Money”, “Rescue”, “Crosshair”, and “Hotwire”.
In “Heist”, criminals race to blow open a set of safes, steal the money, and transport it to the extraction point. The police are naturally trying to stop them. Teamwork is essential in this mode, as matches can be over in an instant.
“Blood Money” features a pile of cash that has been intercepted in transit. Both teams are fighting to secure it, transport it to their base, and guard it from being stolen.
“Rescue” and “Crosshair” are small engagements, two teams of five on a tiny map with each person getting only one life. Victory can be achieved by securing or killing the target, or killing all of the enemy team.
“Hotwire” is essentially a mobile version of “Conquest”. Five vehicles are scattered about the map, each vehicle is a command point that must constantly be moving in order to diminish enemy tickets. Shoot the players inside or (what often ends up happening) blow it up to take a command point from the enemy. Destroying a vehicle will make it respawn. Listening to music and leaning out the window with three other guys shooting at other cars as we chased one another across the map is definitely something you don’t experience often.
Battlefield Hardline is a downright bizarre, action filled game that is immensely fun to play.

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