Be a Badger, Be Green

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The Recycling Center at Snow College has been part of the campus for about a year, but Snow College has been invested in recycling and planning to have a greener campus for about 15 to 16 years.

The center receives objects that are able to be recycled from the Snow College campus community and Ephraim citizens. The recycling center takes Number 1 and Number 2 plastics which includes clear plastics and color plastic. It also receives milk bottles, cardboard, paper and newspaper, tin cans and aluminum cans. The center also has bins for copper wires and brass. On the bottom of plastic bottles, there should be the recycling arrows sign with a number inside of it that should inform people the number of plastic that bottle is.

The Ephraim recycling center uses industrial compactors to manage material that comes from on and off campus. Photo by John Bartholomev

The recycling process behind the scenes usually starts after several objects are left in the center. The staff goes through the bags citizens have left and sort the objects into groups. They process the objects in order to put them in a bailer where the objects are smashed. The recycling center then contracts with a company that comes every month to pick objects up and takes them to be recycled. Several Snow College students usually help with the process and several others take recycling into their hands by saving cans and plastics in their dorms and dropping them off at the recycling center.

Matt Green, Ground Supervisor, shared his opinion about why recycling is important, and to encourage others to include it in their everyday life, “It’s worth the time. It’s our planet. We are the ones that are going to benefit from incorporating recycling into our lives.”

It’s not hard to be a conscientious citizen, it can be done by incorporating simple things in everyday life. Simple things such as having two bins at home, one specially reserved for recyclable goods; or not taking to long on the shower or simply turning off the lights when no one is using it in order to save electricity. Small acts such as this can lead to big results such as having less waste that causes a negative impact on the natural environment. The world is not made up of Superman’s, but every human can be a hero by doing simple acts that benefit their only home in the whole Milky Way galaxy.

Andrea Bustillo is an international student from Honduras. This is her second year at Snow College, pursuing a Broadcasting Communication Degree. She’s aspiring to achieve a Media Production major in Film, television and writing where she can inspire people through her work. Her philosophy is that if you can dream it and work hard for it, you can do it.

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