Becky Adams Awarded Employee Of The Semester

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Last week, the Awards and Recognition Committee granted Becky Adams – a Snow College graduate who now works as Snow College’s International Student Advisor and Administrative Assistant – with the Employee of the Semester award. The mission of the Staff Awards and Recognition Committee is to acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding contributions and exemplary efforts of all permanent full-time and part-time staff. 

Admired and loved by her peers who have nominated her, Becky was recognized among all members of the campus staff. Faced with this honor, Becky expressed, “I am incredibly honored, very humbled. I think it takes a lot of people here on campus for things to run smoothly for students, and really I think everyone should be recognized. I couldn’t do my job effectively without those in my office, or the help of the tellers, the registry, IT… everyone!” 

Nobue Swenson, who works in the Center for Global Engagement office as an international student services assistant, has stated, “I think it is wonderful for Becky to receive the award for Employee of the Semester! She deserves it because she is not only working hard for international students but also being Covid Care Team and have been helping so many students since last spring”. Likewise, Nobue has said that “she is a great colleague. She is a hard worker, very knowledgeable to keep international students in status. I have been learning many things from her. She helps them in any way she can.  She is like a mother for all the international students. She is amazing!”, as demonstrated by the kind words of Becky’s colleague it is obvious why she received such an outstanding honor in the education and development department.

Looking to the future, Becky explained, “as for goals, I just really want to provide the best support to as many students as possible. I believe I have been blessed with the opportunity to connect with so many students…and I think each of us has the ability to touch individual lives and the effect is like a rock thrown in a pond. The ripples go on forever, and we may not see them but they move out and create other waves”. The delightful and hardworking International Student Advisor and Administrative Assistant continues to work hard to provide a proactive and positive environment for international students to help them succeed and flourish into the bright young leaders they will become in the future.

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