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Members of the Snowdrift Club take a break from putting together the paper to take this photo. Photo by Sandra Cox

Members of the Snowdrift Club take a break from putting together the paper to take this photo. Photo by Sandra Cox

Whether a student is attending Snow for a couple of semesters or staying for four years, it is great to get involved. With all the studying, it is good to take a break and get to know people and do something worth the time. Snow College offers so many different clubs, it is easy for someone to find something of interest.


Christine M. Hegedus, student at University of Arizona and Dr. James Knight, professor at University of Arizona, conducted a research project analyzing student involvement in school clubs. The objective was to find out how students are affected based on their participation in school activities.


The researchers went about this by interviewing students randomly and asking them questions about why they are members of clubs. The questions used were about whether the subjects agree or disagree with statements about why they decided to join. For example, a statement would be, a person joins organizations because it looks good on a resume. In the research paper, it was written, “They help bring students and faculty together, let students interact in a non-formal atmosphere, and allow students to strengthen their leadership and communication skills.”


The reason many students are attending college is to grow as a person and develop skills necessary to succeed.  Here at Snow, many students already have a solid understanding of the importance of getting involved and the many benefits it bestows. So, it only makes sense that more people would get involved, right? Gretchen Zane, a student at Snow College said, “Life can get pretty boring if you don’t get involved. Plus, it helps you make a lot of new friends.”


“When I was younger, I got put in an orchestra class by accident, and I ended up falling in love with the violin.”, said Liz Christiansen, a former student of The University of Utah. “It really changed my life for the better.” There are many things that students say stop them from doing something. However, it is important to realize that a club may help more than is expected. No matter the reason, go out and get involved. Join a club at Snow today!

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