Behind the Register: Black Friday for Them

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November continues to roll forth, bringing a season of gratitude to many, the promise of great deals on Christmas presents to many others. To a select few, however, the coming of yet another “Black Friday” weekend means nothing short of the retail version of impending doom.

Black Friday has captivated, sometimes even horrified, America for years. Referred to as “Black Friday” for its quick capability to put struggling stores back “in the black,” or in profit, it usually features throngs of customers vying for every limited deal they can find. Many are gratified by the money they save, but many who work in the retail world break a sweat in the process.

Retail cashier Brandon Ivie said, “It is definitely frustrating. You get customers who are just mad for whatever reason it is. Helping them on Black Friday is a lot harder than usual because tensions are high, and we’re trying to help customers through in an orderly fashion, and it’s just very difficult to do that when there’s all these sales. When [the customers] are correcting us, it’s frustrating.”

Many of the workers around Ephraim this coming sales event are also peers and fellow students at Snow College. So what can be done to make life a little bit easier for those muscling their way through a Black Friday work shift?

Retail stockperson Kevin Clawson had this to say, “Stay calm, and don’t get mad at the employees, because the employees are doing all that they can. We, the employees, are only allowed to do so much, and when the customers come in, it’s not the employee’s fault that items will run out when they do.”

This coming holiday season is sure to be as magical and fantastic as it always promises. Retail workers will enjoy it when they can.

“This year, I’m expecting a lot of chaos,” Brandon says.

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