Behind the Scenes of Snowdrift Newspaper

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The Snowdrift Newspaper staff has learned most of the skills needed to make a new paper each month. Although, it seems like a very simple process, it is surprising to find out how many people are involved in producing the paper.
The Snowdrift staff members are not only writers for the paper, but also editors, layout designers, and photographers. There are multiple classes and every teacher invloved puts a lot of time and energy into making the newspaper as amazing as possible.
Twice a month, the staff turns in their articles. After that, they are edited and compiled so people doing the layout can spend up to five hours laying out the paper on production nights. After laying the paper out, the staff gets to eat food before looking over each individual page trying to find any errors that need to be corrected before publishing.
Once it has been looked over by each editor, the paper is sent off for printing where it is then distributed around the school for students at Snow College to read.
Additionally, all the articles are uploaded onto the Snowdrift website: Although it seems like a lot of work, the students on the staff really enjoy being a part of Snowdrift.
Danielle Pidcock, layout manager says, “I’ve made some very good friends on the Snowdrift and I’ve learned a lot. I came in here with little experience, and was taught the skills I needed to in order to work and be on the Snowdrift team. I’ve loved my time being here.”
Kaylie Webster, another layout deisgner and the social media manager says, “My favorite experience from this class has been writing and meeting a bunch of different people and actually being a part of a group because I never did extracurriculars in high school.”
There’s plenty of room for making friends, but students also find that they like the sense of professionalism that the newspaper brings. Emily Parnell, an editor claims, “I feel like I’m in Gilmore Girls.”
Students are welcome and encouraged to join the Snowdrift staff, even if they don’t have very much experience. Sandra Cox, the teacher and head manager of the newspaper says, “I love Snowdrift. I wish everyone on campus could be members.”
For updates, follow the Snowdrift instagram: @snowcollege_snowdrift.

Danielle Pidcock, Katrina Furr, Kaylie Webster, and Emily Parnell pose for an instagram photo. Photo by Sandra Cox

Katrina Furr is a freshmen at Snow College who is aspiring to be a journalist. She loves all types of music and especially loves to sing and play the flute. She also loves spending time with her family and friends along with playing with her dog Bentley. Katrina is excited to finish spring semester at Snow College and then she wants to pause her schooling to go on a mission for the LDS church.

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