Benefit Concert in Fairview

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Brendan James is performing for a benefit concert on October 9 in Fairview at the Peterson Dance Hall. The goal is to help out kids and families who are in need. The clothing and food donation event starts at 6p.m. and is an open-house format until 8.30p.m. when the concert starts.

Ashley Jensen is the manager of Snow Garden Apartments, and she will be helping with the benefit concert. She needs assistance from volunteers and clubs that can help her recruiting event sponsors, make marketing for the concert, and help out with a coat, shoes, and a food drive. “Cold to Clothed, Famished to Fed” is the slogan of the drive, and the purpose is to collect enough clothes for families to get through the winter and help supporting them by donating food.

“We can’t fix all the homes, but we can give coats, shoes, and other clothes to individuals so they can at least be more comfortable throughout the approaching winter,” Jensen says.

The admission is $5, but for every coat, blanket, pair of shoes, or pants donated, there will be a $1 discount. For every shirt or food item donated, a 50 cent discount is given. There is no limit on donating; everything just has to be in good condition.

Brendan James has shared the stage with superstars such as John Legend, and his music has been featured on 15 hit TV-shows. He has been featured a TED Talk performer speaking on gun violence, love songs, and simpler societies.

To sign up as a volunteer or read more about the event, see the official Facebook page:

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