Big Fish Makes A Big Splash

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Snow College’s production of Big Fish was nothing short of amazing. The cast put on a heart-felt show that showcased a father and son’s journey towards reconnection.

Dan Harvey and Jashua Nortfelt. Photo by Tessa Thornley

Dan Harvey and Joshua Nortfelt. Photo by Tessa Thornley

Dan Harvey, the actor that portrayed Edward Bloom, played an excellent father and beautifully transported the audience into the storyline of the play. His acting was top notch and his singing was even better.

Snow College student, Victoria Wynn said, “The acting was very convincing. Especially the actor that portrayed Edward Bloom. He was able to play a character that is well beyond his age in a very real life way. I forgot throughout the play that he is a student just like me.”

The rest of the cast did a fabulous job as well. There were some shining moments for all and the show was done without a hitch.

The music was also very enjoyable. Almost all the songs left audience members with a smile on their face and made people want to sing along. The vocal range that was shown throughout the production was astounding.

Snow College Student, Gillian Rosier said, “The music to me was the strongest part of the production. Will (Tyler Hughes) and The Witch (Makena Lenhart) had the strongest vocal performance.”

The amount of dedication to the show was evident throughout the whole production. The lights, the high level of acting, the beautiful music played by the orchestra, and the amazing musical numbers came together to make this a high level production. The amount of hours that this cast and crew put into this production really paid off in the long run.

It was an absolute pleasure to have been part of the crowd to watch such a fun and heart-felt show.


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