Birds Aren’t Real: A Conspiracy Theory

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Of all the conspiracy theories being spread throughout the world, Birds Aren’t Real certainly stands out as one of the more interesting ones. According to Newsweek, Birds Aren’t Real is a movement that voices to the general public a theory that sometime in between 1959 and 2001, the government killed all living birds on the planet and replaced them with “robotic replicas”, which are used to monitor the day-to-day lives of Americans.

Though it is thought of by many as a joke, the movement’s leader, Peter McIndoe, told Newsweek that he was entirely serious about this prospect, and in his own words says, “I think that everyone, deep down, can identify and relate to the fact that we are being surveilled, and that that surveillance is most likely coming from 12 billion birds simultaneously.” 

Real or not, it is a fact that Birds Aren’t Real is a hot topic: its Instagram account has around 296,000 followers, and more than 353,000 on TikTok. Peyton Reynolds, a Snow College student who has followed it for awhile, has this to say about it: “I have always thought of Birds Aren’t Real as a funny joke, [and] I think that what makes it more funny is that it is legitimately hard to tell if they are joking or not.” 

Dane Robertson, another Snow student, says, “When I first heard about Birds Aren’t Real, it definitely seemed like a joke; we’ve all seen what a bird or dead bird looks like, and it just seems kind of preposterous that they would assume that the government is watching us through birds.”Whether it can be believed it or not, it cannot be ignored that Birds Aren’t Real is sweeping social media and the internet, and is 100% committed to letting everyone know that it is wise to think twice when a bird is seen flying through the sky.

Porter Jensen is an English major in his sophomore year of college. He considers himself a fanatic of ice cream, Batman, and dogs. In his free time he enjoys reading, longboarding, and hiking.

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