Board of Trustees: Who They Are

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The Board of Trustees is a governing body of Snow College. It is made up of ten members appointed by the Higher Education Board of Utah. The board meets monthly and meetings are open to the public. The minutes and agendas for each meeting are on the Snow College website under the Administration tab.
What does the Board of Trustees do? The Board is President Cook’s boss. Every meeting the president gives the board a report on Snow College and what he’s working on, such as fundraising. They receive updates from around campus on many things. They also handled a lot of the COVID restrictions and regulations. In the most recent meeting, on March 19, many things were discussed. They discussed the recommendation of raising tuition next year, who the faculty have put forth to get tenure, a new certificate of proficiency in health and fitness was presented, housing options for the Richfield campus and much more.
The board really does control a lot on campus. They are the final say in a lot of discussions. On the importance of the Board, Senior Assistant to the President, Public Information Officer Marci Larsen says, “Members of the Board of Trustees are critical to the success and progression of the college… They guide and advise the college President and serve as statewide advocates for Snow College. On a personal note, each trustee is incredibly accomplished and effective in their respective careers. We are fortunate to have this group of leaders and are grateful for their service.”
There are ten members on the Board of Trustees. These people are Leslie Keisel, Chair; Rick Robinson, Vice Chair; David Christensen; Kay Christensen, Alumni Association President; Jon Cox; Randy Cox; Erma Kaye May; Karen Soper; Jeffrey Kahn and even the current Student Body President. They are each assigned a subcommittee based on their respective jobs. These subcommittees are: Finance and Facilities Committee, Academic and Student Affairs Committee, and the Audit Committee.

Leslie Keisel, the chair of the board of trustees committee.
Photo courtesy of the Snow College website.

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