Bringing Soccer to Snow

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Surrounded by opposing players trying to steal the ball, but the soccer ball remains within reach. This is the last chance to win the game. Within scoring distance the ball is launched from the foot…… GOOOOAAALLL!!! The crowd goes wild! Does this sound too good to be true? Soccer is finally coming to Snow College.

Bringing soccer to Snow College has been long and difficult .  The Global Engagement Advisory Committee saw a need for expansion in extracurricular activities. Not only was President Carlston, the student body government, and Snow College staff involved, but the community also had the chance to express their opinion. There were open community meetings held during the 2014-2015 school year discussing this issue. Bringing soccer to Snow was almost a two year process.

In the past Snow College hosted a club team. This club became so recognized that they were invited to play in the nationals facing opposing club teams from various schools.

Bill Jensen, a foreign language professor at Snow College, was influential and helped bring the soccer team to reality. Regarding the process Jensen said, “President Carlston deserves credit for listening to proposals. Everyone was allowed to participate in the conversation. He made the decision with the community.” Snow College is currently in the process of hiring  coaches.

The new coaches will provide more information concerning tryouts and upcoming soccer events. Jensen explained, “Soccer serves a more diverse student population.”

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