BSU Soul Food Night

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The Black Student Union host some of Snow’s most popular events. One example is the BSU’s Soul Food Night, held at the Greenwood Student Center. Students had the opportunity to have great food while learning.  

BSU advisor Dana Bagnall and the Snow College catering staff provided a well-rounded meal for students on February 7th with their delicious fried chicken, collard greens, mac and cheese, corn bread, and their ‘out of this world’ peach cobbler. “My favorite dish was the peach cobbler for sure. It was really sweet and creamy. It was actually different from any peach cobbler I’ve ever had before to be honest,” said Kaiden Kerecman, a Snow College student. 

Food was not the only thing on the menu at Soul Food Night.  The BSU put a lot of effort into honoring great people from history who made an impactful difference in the black community by hanging banners with their description and pictures on it. Also, on each table was a piece of paper that had two sides on it. On one side the paper had a description or a clue about a person, and on the other side, there was that person’s name and picture.  Students had to guess who the person was before they could flip over the paper to see the answer.  

The BSU makes an effort to remember great individuals from history so that they are not forgotten. “We want to remember the great individuals from history that made a difference,” said Bagnall.  

The BSU supports all students and welcomes anybody to their club. Advisor Dana Bagnall is also a huge support in helping students prepare for life’s challenges in and outside of college. Bagnall teaches money management skills that can help students become more financially secure. 

Snow College students are encouraged to find out more about the Black Student Union, as well as participate in their club events.  

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Soul Food Night at the
GSC. Black Student Union club members Molly Geppel, Saumolia Gerlds, Iyonna Herbert, and BSU
advisor Dana Bagnall get ready to serve up some fantastic food at Soul Food
Night. Photo by Mohammed Al-Abdullah

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