Buster’s Pantry Open for Students

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Buster’s Pantry is a food pantry available for Snow College students who are in need of assistance. 

The food pantry is located on the second floor of the Greenwood Student Center in the Student Life Office. Students only need to sign-in in the Student Life Office, where the information is used to verify that those who come in are Snow College Students. Students then go to the Glen Larsen Conference room where they can fill up to a week’s worth of groceries. Buster’s Pantry is open 8:30 – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  

Andres Serrano helps stock Buster’s Pantry. Buster’s Pantry is a food pantry for students located in the Student Life Office. Photo by Eduardo Hernandez

The pantry got started four years ago when Rob Nielson, Athletic Director of Snow College, noticed that the school did not have a pantry unlike many other colleges. Rob brought his concern to the Student Life Office in hopes of getting a pantry started. Everyone was on board to get the pantry started and through many combined efforts and donations, the pantry got started.  

Buster’s pantry is designed for students when they are in need. However, it is important to note that the pantry is there as a temporary solution. The pantry is designed for students to help other students and to take what one needs and remember to give back. Generous donations provide the food, as well as grants.  

Michelle Brown, Director of Student Life, says, “We work really hard to keep it respectful for the students. We don’t want them to feel embarrassed or judged. We want them to feel loved and welcomed when they’re in the Student Life Office. If they need a meal we want to help provide that. Student hunger is a nationwide problem”. 

Usage of Buster’s Food Pantry has doubled since last year, and there are plans going into expanding the pantry. Students are strongly advised that if they are hungry and in need, to come in. If students have any questions about the pantry, the are encouraged to go to the Student Life Office with their concerns. 

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Eduardo Hernandez

Eduardo Hernandez is a writer for the Snowdrift at Snow College. He is a Student Body Advocate as well at Snow College. Eduardo plans on going to the University of Utah to major in Strategic Communication with a minor in graphic design after his two years at Snow College. Eduardo is passionate about music and enjoys going to downtown Salt Lake City and exploring the city.

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