Calli Case Makes Impact in Honors Program

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Student SpotlightCalli Case is a sophomore at Snow College and is very involved in the Honors Program.

Case attended Herriman High school, and graduated in 2014. It was not always in her plans to come to Snow College.

“It was kind of an interesting decision. I was planning on going to USU, and then I saw that I could get full tuition at Snow, so I decided to go there. It was the best decision I have ever made thus far in my life.”

Calli Case is majoring in accounting, but is considering the switch to business finance. She is very intrigued by the business field and wants it to be a part of her career.

In her free time, Case enjoys playing tennis, hiking, canoeing, and just enjoying nature. In addition, she loves gymnastics, plays the piano, and enjoys listening to music.

When she isn’t exploring, Case is involved with several departments at Snow College. Primarily she is involved in the women’s choir, and the honors program.

“I really enjoy choir, we have a great group of girls and the director is amazing. I feel like I have grown a lot as a singer, and I didn’t do any choir last year, so it is been so nice to have it back in my life.”

When she isn’t singing, she is the Honors assistant. What this means is she helps the honors directors with what they need to complete.

Dr. Rachel Keller, an honors director, shares her insight on working with Case.

“Calli has been indispensable to the Honors Program. Dr. Wright and I are so grateful for her work to make things run smoothly. She is responsible and thorough, and she balances her time between school and work very well. We look forward to seeing all that she accomplishes throughout her academic career.”

Case is also involved in the honors leadership team, and they plan and coordinate events for honors students.

As part of her honors contract she is participating in the Ethics bowl team which is a team for the college where you debate and compete about ethical issues. Case hopes to make it to nationals in the spring, and has loved her experience at Snow College.

Sophie Huff is a Snow College student who wants to major in communications. She is from Logan, Utah, and she likes to watch comedy movies and sing. Sophie is interested in the Communications major because she is intrigued by the diversity of people, and is very interested in how people act and talk.

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