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The semester is coming to a close and it’s time to make sure valuables are taken care of.

“During the last month of fall semester, thefts and burglaries go up,” said Officer Bob Wright.  It’s important for students to make sure that their belongings are safe, especially during long breaks.

As students head home for Thanksgiving break, many things are reported missing each year.  In order to prevent this, campus safety officers are asking students to make sure their valuables are taken care of accordingly.

Serial number, make, and model should be known on items like iPods, laptops, and other electronic devices in case they are stolen. Items that can be taken home should be during this season.

If any valuables are stored in a car, make sure that they are out of sight (in the trunk is best) and that the car is locked up.

Textbooks are also very valuable. In a few weeks, students will want to resell their textbooks and make some money off of them. Students need to make sure that they are keeping track of their textbooks as well.

As students leave for the break, they are being asked to make sure that any vehicles left here are locked and secure.  Make sure that the apartments and bedrooms are locked up tight to keep personal belongings safe.

There are many ways to prevent theft this semester, “let’s finish up this semester strong, without any needless distractions,” said Wright.

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