Capitol Reef, Suturing Pigs’ Feet, And More

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Meeting regularly, Biology Club may be one of the most active clubs on campus, making it a perfect fit for Badgers looking to get involved. Activities are frequent and promised to excite the childhood scientist inside of everyone.

Bio Club has something for just about everyone. The club recently returned from Capitol Reef National Park where they hiked and camped, and has a “medical” style activity this week suturing pigs feet. Other Upcoming events include learning how to make wax chapstick, dissecting owl pellets, and participating in science night with the rest of the science department and finishing off with a pizza party and documentary.

Bio presidency and members go to Capitol Reef National Park. Photo courtesy of Bio Club

“Bio Club gives me an opportunity to meet other students with similar majors that I otherwise wouldn’t get to know in some of my classes being a small two year school” explains Club President. Michael Broderick. Biology Club gives the Badgers not only the ability to interact with students of similar interests outside of class, but to do so in an academic and engaging setting.

Broderick continues, stating, “Snow College doesn’t have a Pre-Med Club either, so for students wishing to pursue those interests, it doubles as a Pre-Med Club as well.” Biology covers a wide variety of studies and majors Snow students wish to continue in, making the club all the more needed and valued on campus.

Malerie Jenson, secretary of the Biology Club, loves the fact that while the club focuses on activities for everyone, there is always something interesting to learn. “We learn a LOT of cool stuff. Even at Capitol Reef, there was time taken out of the night to learn some astronomy along with the moon’s gravitational effect on Earth. During our first activity making ice cream, we watched a short documentary on the genetics of the lactose resistance gene.”

The goal of the Biology Club is to simply help students see Biology as a science that can excite and isn’t just there to fill a science credit. While physics, chemistry and other sciences are easy to get behind with crazy experiments and wild reactions, biology is usually left behind. Biology Club strives to change that and makes it both intriguing and worth while.

Jacob Clawson grew up in Orange County California where he found a passion for photography, sports and music. Utah had always been the plan after high school as generations of his family have graduated from schools across the state. He is in his second year at Snow College studying Theatre set, design and tech, hoping to one day work in Southeast Asia designing live shows. When he’s not found backstage or writing articles for newspaper he can be found working on his car, traveling or finding the best trails in Sanpete County.

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