Captain Marvel: Box Office Hit

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Released on March 8, it made $456 Million worldwide on opening weekend alone.  With a $302 Million opening overseas it became the fifth-best overseas debut of all time. This last week it hit the 900 Million mark, passing other hero movies like Spiderman: Homecoming and Wonder Woman. 

It’s hard making a film that is supposed to follow such a successful movie as Avengers: Infinity War, currently the highest grossing hero film. When trailers were first released for Captain Marvel, several audience members saw the movie as a happy, empowering movie about feminism. Many people were sick of this clichĂ© storyline and backlash started before the film was even released. 

James Baird is a student here at Snow College who saw and enjoyed the film opening weekend. Baird said, “People made similar arguments about this movie that they did when Black Panther came out. There was always some small reason to why they didn’t like it but I think deep down, they are just afraid of change.” 

As the box office numbers rise, Captain Marvel is proving to do very well despite the early backlash. Many negative audience reviews on movie review sights like Rotten Tomatoes have not stopped audiences from to and enjoying the film. 

When asked about her opinion on the movie Londyn Stockwell, a Snow College student, said, “Going in I had rather high expectations… coming out, all my expectations were fulfilled. The plot twists were perfect, the acting was incredible and the soundtrack was amazing. I loved it.” 

Both Captain Marvel herself and her movie have overcome many obstacles and deserve high praise. 

Captain Marvel can be seen in theaters all across the world today. 

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