Snow College Student Remembered: Taryn Gurney

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Tragedy struck Snow College September 21, when three students were involved in a tragic car accident on their way back to Ephraim.

Taryn Gurney, McKenzie Jensen, and Rylee Park were on their way back from a weekend at home when their car hydroplaned and crashed into a horse trailer on I-15.  All three girls were taken to the hospital with injuries varying from serious to critical.

Taryn was seated at the point of impact, so her injuries were a lot more severe. “As much as the doctors could do, they weren’t able to reverse those injuries,” said Craig Mathie, V.P. of Student Success. Taryn passed away Monday, September 22.

Taryn was born in Fresno, California, on March 30, 1995.  She attended Bingham High School in South Jordan, Utah, and finished her senior year Hebron High School in Carrolton, Texas.

Taryn was a freshman at Snow College and had just declared her major as teaching English as a second language.

She was described as having a sparking and energetic personality. “Because Snow is a little bit smaller campus, people get to know each other very quickly and before you know it, you know a lot of people on campus,” said Mathie.  Those who had the opportunity to know Taryn were very lucky.  She will be deeply missed.

Taryn was an organ donor, her organs went to save the lives of nine other people.

Snow College faculty members met early Monday morning in hopes of finding ways to help relieve any unnecessary stress that Taryn and the other girls’ families have.

Student Life wanted to find some way to honor Taryn’s life.  She was going to play in the powder puff game Thursday evening.  As everyone arrived, Snow College students stood for moment of silence in her honor.  The freshman girls played hard in honor of Taryn that evening.

“These events are good lessons to us to make sure that we tell the people we care about that we care about them and give them hugs and tell them ‘I love you’ because we don’t know when that is going to be the last time we get to see them,” stated Mathie.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for Taryn’s family, under “Taryn Gurney Love Fund” ( for anyone who wishes to help with funeral and medical costs.

For anyone who needs support during this time, feel free to see Snow College’s Counseling and Wellness Center located in the Social Science building, or call 435-283-7136.

Mikayla Hepworth is originally from West Jordan, Utah and is now a sophomore at Snow College. She is currently co-editor in chief of the Snowdrift. Mikayla has been involved in journalism for the past three years and has been a part of the Snowdrift staff for two years. Mikayla plans to attend Utah Valley University next fall to continue her education. She is majoring in elementary education and hopes to one day be a kindergarten teacher.

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