Casino Night: Full of Fun

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The Roulette Wheel at Casino Night. Photo by Autumn Rose.

 The student body officers held a Casino Night at the Student Center. The night was eventful and full of chaos. When asked about her experience Cassia Crabb, a student at snow college, said, “I liked the black jack tables the most. The games seemed simple and less complicated than poker.” The event lasted from 7pm to 10pm, and at the very end of the event there were multiple raffles. Some students won a bean bag chair, a hammock, snow college blankets, a hydro flask, and a check for a sum of money. 

The whole room was filled with streamers, there was a red carpet leading to the event, and tables for poker and black jack, and common pop music in the background. When asked about the presentation of the night Keaton Miller said, “The environment was good, everyone seemed to be having a good time. I watched many empires rise and fall which was pretty entertaining.”

It seemed many people enjoyed the event and the decor, the theme was red, white, and balck. The student body officers even got a red carpet to have the guests and students being led to the event. When asked about her experience about the event Crabb said “I was pleasantly surprised the carpet was a nice touch and everything was well put together.” The night was filled with people in tuxedos and suits, people who were dressed like they were ready for a fun time. Miller  said “People showed up in suits and full on costumes for the night. It was fun to look at and be a part of.” When asked about the setup of the event Miller said “I wish there would’ve been more tables and chairs, but overall it was a fun night.” The Casino Night was a night to not forget. 

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