Celebrating Native American Heritage Month 2021

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Making up less than one percent of the student population this Fall at Snow College are students of Native American descent. 

Long before it was home to Snow College, Sanpete County, and much of Utah, was the ancestral home of the Native American Ute tribe. Utah is also home to the Bannock, Gosiute, Navajo, 

November is Native American Heritage Month, a time to reflect and honor prominent Native Americans who have played a significant role in the development of the United States of America. 

Music Education major Me gan Begay, president of the Native American club, is one of the few students at Snow of Native American descent. 

When asked what she hopes to do when she graduates with her Bachelor of Music Education, Megan said, “I want to be a music teacher and plan on teaching at schools with high native populations.” 

Megan is proud of her Nava jo heritage. For Native American Heritage Month, the Native American club plans a series of events to educate other students about their culture. 

Though no official activities have been planned, Megan says they have a couple of ideas for potential guest speakers and some performers to showcase different aspects of their culture. 

When they’re not planning events, Megan says the club is a place for Natives to hang out, play games, and talk with other Natives who can relate to each other on different issues. 

“If you want to come to the club and you’re not Native, don’t try to make yourself be Native. Just come over. You don’t have to be special or any other people speaking for us…” said Megan. 

Being a minority, Megan doesn’t find it difficult to connect or befriend others who are not part of her culture. However, as a minority, Megan requested that the majority be more aware of Native Americans’ presence in society. 

“The biggest thing is to listen to natives. We have our own voice, and we don’t need Paiute, and Shoshone Indians.” 

Though the club is a place for Natives to connect with other Natives, Megan encourages anyone to join the club who wants to know more about the culture or who are just looking to make friends. 

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