Celebrity Death Hoaxes Fake Out Fans

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We’ve all heard that we can’t believe everything we read online. Yet, there are still moments where we fall for the clickbait we see on Facebook.  How many Swifties have shed a tear over the death of their beloved T-Swift, only to realize they fell for yet another hoax?

A new way to troll your peers has surfaced in the form of fake clickbait articles.  Anyone can create a fake link, with a fake headline, and post it in anticipation that their followers are going to fall for it.

How many more celebrities have to fake die before this fad ends?  We’ve already “lost” Jackie Chan, Cher, and Eminem.  One of the latest to fall victim to this hoax was American Horror Story’s beloved Evan Peters, who apparently died in a tragic car accident.  Not much time passed before the breaking news was proved a hoax, but there were still many gullible victims left with broken hearts.

We can’t handle much more fake heartbreak, and I’m sure celebrities everywhere would appreciate it if people stopped killing them off.

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