Cell Phone Usage on Campus

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A Snow College Student Life initiative this spring semester will be focused on students on campus interacting with each other rather than spending time on their cell phone.  

Something new that students might see around Soup Nights is a flyer that encourages students to get to know the people around them rather than sitting on their cell phones. What sparked this initiative was an observation on campus that students frequently check their phones on their way to class, instead of saying hello to each other. Nikki Elizabeth, Event Program Coordinator, said, “Letting our phones rest is important to phone health on campus.  Phones that are too busy lose the will to Snapchat, refuse to turn in assignments on Canvas and start dropping calls.  Even a short nap during Soup Night has been proven to improve overall phone mood 72% over a control group.  Every phone needs to recharge.”.  

There are some rationalizations for more frequent use of cell phones however. There is an argument that students use their cell phones more often because they check Canvas, emails, and other things that are important to their school work. Other opposition include that it will be a difficult initiative to implement because how technology-reliant students are.  

However, the initiative will still take place. Snow College student Alen Hajric said, “I think there is an overuse of cell phones sometimes, especially in large group settings. It’s crazy to see when you’re in a big group of people, there is the least amount of conversation going on because everyone is on their phones” 

It is important to note that the initiative is encouraged-based and will not force students to put away their cell phones and other forms of technology.  

Eduardo Hernandez is a writer for the Snowdrift at Snow College. He is a Student Body Advocate, Legislative Lead, and Representative of Business & Technology as well at Snow College. Eduardo plans on going to the Weber State University to major in Public Relations & Advertising with a minor in graphic design after his two years at Snow College. Eduardo is passionate about music and enjoys going to downtown Salt Lake City and exploring the city.

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